Bulk Download Photos From Procare

Bulk Download Photos From Procare
Photo by NordWood Themes / Unsplash

Our son's daycare/preschool uses Procare to track attendance and send info about the school including pictures of the kids during the day. As he moved to a new school for Kindergarten, we wanted to make sure that we had all his photos from the app. Too bad the app does not include any sort of bulk download functionality. So here is a quick and very dirty way to get all the pictures.

I did this on my Mac but the steps could be adapted for Windows as well, probably.

  1. Log into your account from a computer and web browser to https://schools.procareconnect.com/
  2. Click the Photos/Videos button

3. Hit F12 to open Developer Tools and navigate to the Network tab

4. Click the red record button to record all requests

5. Refresh the page and then start scrolling, images will continue to load in chunks. Keep scrolling until you finally have no more photos. You should see traffic being generated in the Developer Tools window.

*In my case, I started to see photos repeating and stopped then.

6. Once you are confident that you have loaded all the photos, filter the requests in Developer Tools to just Img and in the Filter Box, search for .jpg to get just the requests we want. Then download using the Download icon.

7. Now that you have the file downloaded, you need to parse out the download URLs.

# Parse the HAR file to get just the URLs
grep img_ schools.procareconnect.com.har | grep "url" | cut -d " -f 4 > image_links

# Replace the resultant thumbnail links with the main picture links
sed -i.bak 's/thumb/main/g' procare-thumbs

# Download the images
for i in $(cat ../image_links); do
	wget $i

8. The files get named in a funky way, so if you want to clean those up, you can use this.

for i in $$(ls); do
mv $i $(echo $i | cut -d \? -f1)

9. Enjoy your downloaded photos and upload to your favorite cloud provider!