Texas Ski Ranch

Texas Ski Ranch

To say I love my job would be an understatement. The company gives each team a quarterly budget to do a team outing. This quarter our team went to the Texas Ski Ranch for wakeboarding and paintballing.

I had driven by the Ranch multiple times on my way to the drop zone but this was my first time there. Wakeboarding from a cable system is just awesome. A lot of time on a snowboard translated extremely well to wakeboarding and at the end of the day I was able to attempt one of the features in the lake.

As a work outing this was awesome as it was a way to cut loose, hang out with the team, and see everyone faceplant at least once.

We will definitely be back!

They even have a kid's summer camp, definitely enrolling Xander once he can walk.

Somehow I kept screwing up with the GoPro and didn't capture any of my own faceplants but got a lot of the team's. Oops. Here's a quick look at what we did.